Pump and Rotating Service Packing

Pump and Rotating Service Packing

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Pump packings and rotary service packings are available both in rope form and in die formed ring styles. In many cases, your pumps can be fitted with engineered packing sets that are comprised of low density, high density, braided rings, and gasket spacers providing an engineered solution for difficult services and applications.

  • Up to 500F
  • Up to 4,000 feet per minute
  • Engineered pump shaft sealing systems
  • Made from die formed packing rings, die formed graphite, and gasket rings
  • Designed for flush water reduction
  • Designed for slurry services
  • Designed for clean service requirements
  • Perfect for digesters, slurries, abrasives
  • Water service, condensate, and boiler feed pumps
  • Available for many well know pump brands
  • Many shaft sizes available
  • Easy to install complete sets


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