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Valve Packings & Engineered Sets

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Inadequately sealed valve stems are a primary source of fugitive emissions for many industrial plants and processing facilities. Fortunately, there are many sealing solutions available for valve stems both in quality packings and die formed rings. In most cases, highly engineered valve packing sets are available to solve your valve stem sealing requirements. Some of these engineered salve stem packing sets are designed with end rings, high density, and low density die formed rings, made from high purity materials to reach temperatures up to 1200 F.

  • From -325F to 1200F
  • Up to 4,500 psi valve service
  • Low stem friction
  • Lower emissions
  • EPA compliance
  • Engineered for sealing performance
  • Easy install with packing sets
  • Some stiles meet ULE (Ultra-Low Emissions)
  • For valves in all industries
  • OEM pricing available
  • Packing braids from 1/8" to 1.0" cross sections
  • Metric braid sizes also available
  • Cut lengths or by the spool
  • Split cut rings or die formed rings
  • Engineered sets are available for many commonly used valves


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