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Precision Cut, Custom Gaskets

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Munaco Sealing Solution, Inc. provides OEM and MRO gaskets from in house CNC tool-less gasket cutting equipment. Munaco's CNC gasket cutter provides prototype, one off, low volume, and high volume gasket cutting services. The precision CNC machine's reciproclating blade technology yields precision gaskets without waiting on tooling. Munaco's customers simply send dimensions, drawings, DXF files, or even used gaskets for quick turn around. Precision cut custom gaskets from Munaco require no-tooling cost solutions from most. Call Munaco today for quick turnaround custom gaskets.

  • CNC tool-less gasket cutting service
  • Quick turnaround
  • Prototypes and low volume with minimal investment
  • High volume production
  • Precision cutting without tooling fees
  • ATOM® CNC flash cutter
  • Up to 61" x 61" custom gaskets
  • Larger gaskets with dovetail joints
  • Nesting software increases gasket yield on high volume runs, lowering the cost per part
  • Parts are clean, burr/flash free
  • Cuts materials up to 2" thick
  • Foam, sponge and solid elastomer materials
  • Metal core, wire core, and tang core materials
  • All graphite, elastomer, vegetable fiber, and compressed fiber materials
  • Materials with pressure sensitve adhesive (PSA) are not a problem
  • Small precision gaskets for OEM
  • Large custom gaskets for MRO
  • Heat exchanger gaskets with custom pass bars
  • Custom flue duct gaskets
  • Dovetails for quick changeovers or large gaskets
  • Metric sizes










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