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Munaco Sealing Solutions, Inc. stocks a wide variety of PTFE gasket materials from virgin to engineered PTFE sheet materials. PTFE sheet gasket materials are a perfect solution for corrosive material processing, FDA & pharmaceutical processing, potable water lines, and food processing. PTFE sheet gasket materials from virgin stock are available in a variety of thicknesses. Engineered PTFE sheet gasket materials from Munaco vary from glass filled to graphite filled for elevated temperature use to higher pressures that are designed to minimize creep. Munaco not only has these materials but also has PTFE sealing solutions from molded, machined, coated and even PTFE o-rings. Munaco stocks expanded PTFE sheet gaskets for light flanges, plastic flanges, and glass lined flanges.

  • Chemically inert, soft, conformable
  • Seals irregular flanges
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 500 degrees F
  • 2500 psi with engineered PTFE sheet gasket materials
  • Engineered PTFE gaskets are stronger and creep resistant
  • Engineered PTFE gaskets are designed to minimize flange bolt re-torqe due to creep
  • FDA compliant
  • Lower cost solution for most processes up to 500F
  • Excellent life in strong caustics, acids
  • For chlorine service
  • Leak tightness approved for some gases
  • For water systems, low temperature steam, hydrocarbons, cryogenics
  • Aluminum fluoride & oxygen service
  • Virgin PTFE and virgin Teflon®
  • Expanded PTFE
  • Glass filled PTFE - glass bead, glass fiber
  • Carbon filled PTFE - carbon powder, carbon fiber
  • Graphite filled PTFE - graphite, graphite & glass, graphite & metals
  • Mica filled PTFE, aluminum oxided filled PTFE, silica filled PTFE
  • Metal filled PTFE - stainless steel, bronze filled PTFE, molybdenum sulfide filled PTFE
  • Expanded and Skived PTFE sheets
  • Engineered PTFE sheet for improved performance
  • Thicknesses from 1/64" to 1/4"
  • Metric PTFE sheet gaskets from 0.5mm to 10mm
  • Standard ASME, DIN, and JIS flange gaskets
  • Custom PTFE gaskets from Munaco's in house tool-less CNC gasket cutter

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