The word "lockplate" is fairly exclusive to the gas and steam turbine world. This piece of hardware is simply use to "lock" something in place like a threaded connection or a slide in device. Munaco Sealing Solutions, Inc. has these devices and can even help you find the right choice for your new lockplate device.

  • Qaulity materials that can be welded
  • Welds can be 100% LP or FLP inspected
  • Some circular bands can be made without welding
  • Round, trapezoid, bolted, threaded, welded, and bent tab designs
  • Holds your threaded connection from loosening due to vibration
  • Any fabricated, welded, and formed part you desire
  • Part number marking available
  • SS 300 Series
  • SS 400 Series
  • Hasteloy-X®
  • Inconel®
  • Phenolic
  • Bands with tabs
  • Washer cups
  • Trapezoid lockplates
  • Crescent lockplates
  • Washer with tongue

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Steam Turbines

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