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Machined Graphite

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Graphite, carbon, and composites from Munaco are used in turbine genertors and in many different applications. Munaco has graphite components for your foundy, pharmeceutical, electronic, metallurgical, quartz, nuclear, and furnace industries.

  • High temperature resistance
  • Precision tolerances
  • Low friction
  • Low cost machined parts
  • Self lubricating
  • High density
  • High purity
  • Low porrosity from CVD pyrolytic graphite
  • UCAR and Carbone grades
  • Carbide and SGL grades
  • Ibiden and Graphite India grades
  • Carbon graphite composites
  • Carbon
  • Graphite
  • Round rod
  • Square bar
  • Plate and sheet
  • Machined components
  • Graphite brushes, boats, electrodes
  • Crucibles, molds, injectors, plungers, vacuum furnace

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