Bonded Rubber to Metal

Bonded Rubber to Metal

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Metal to rubber chemically boded parts and gaskets from Munaco offer our customers the regidity and load bearing capabilities of a metal component with the sealing level of elastomers.

  • Co-molded process
  • Cure bonded process
  • Metal load bearing substrate
  • Custom molded elastomer built in
  • Highly resilient sealing component built in
  • Corrosion resistant materials chosen for your application
  • Exact fit for your design
  • Elastomers can be chosen for your fluids
  • Metal substrates: Aluminum, Stainless, Carbon, Inconel, etc.
  • SBR, NBR sealing elements
  • Fluorosilicone sealing elements
  • Fluoro elastomers FKM
  • perfluoro elastomers FFKM
  • Natural rubbers
  • Urathanes
  • Flange gaskets with integral bonded o-rings
  • Rubber stops
  • Bumpers
  • Rotary lip seals

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