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Diaphragm Seals

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Diaphragm seals are flexible seals that act as a barrier between two fluids or a fluid and the outside environment. Doubling as a flange gasket and a fluid seperator, the diaphragm seal is the most abused of all the molded rubber products. Munaco Sealing Solutions, Inc. has the most advanced and durable diaphragm seals available to extend your uptime service.

  • Long life materials
  • Fatigue resistant designs
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragms
  • PTFE diaphragms
  • Ribbed designs
  • Up to +500°F
  • Increased up-time on your equipment
  • Some PTFE designs are good for most chemicals
  • Quick ROI with improved diaphragm seals
  • Polyester reinforced elastomers
  • Flange fitted
  • Through bolt holes included
  • Engineered cycle life
  • Custom deflections
  • Metal diaphragms also available


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