EZ-FLO® Style 206

EZ-FLO® Style 206

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Style 206 EZ-FLO® expansion joints contain a single wide flowing arch, eliminating the need for filled arches on slurry services. Suitable for high pressure applications, their self-flushing design eliminates media buildup and reduces fluid turbulence. Style 206 EZ-FLO® can be designed to meet the requirements of ASTM F1123 and Navy/Coast Guard Specification 46CFR56.60-25(E).

  • Self-flushing design eliminates media buildup and reduces fluid turbulence
  • High pressure resistance ensures longer life and reduces inventory requirements
  • Lightweight design installs easily and costs less to ship
  • Size:
  • > Min. Inner Diameter: 1 in / 25 mm
  • > Max. Inner Diameter: 120 in / 3000 mm
  • Temperature:
  • > Max temperature rating is based on tube, body and cover materials.  To determine, find the minimum temperature based on materials selected.
  • Body Material  | Max. Temp.
  • Nylon Tire Cord (Standard): +250°F (+120°C)
  • Kevlar Tire Cord: +300°F (149°C)
  • ABRA-LINE™: +180°F  (+80°C)
  • ABRA-SHIELD™: +300°F (+150°C)
  • Natural Rubber: +180°F (+80°C)
  • GUARDIAN® FEP: +400°F (+205°C)
  • FKM (Fluoroelastomer): +400°F (+205°C)
  • CSM: +250°F (+120°C)
  • EPDM/FDA EPDM: +300°F (+150°C)
  • HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile): +300°F (+150°C)
  • Nitrile/FDA Nitrile: +250°F (+120°C)
  • Chlorobutyl (Standard): +300°F (+150°C)
  • Neoprene/FDA Neoprene: +250°F (+120°C)
  • Tube — Standard chlorobutyl liner extends to outer edge of the flange for excellent chemical resistance. The flowing arch design adds pressure resistance and reduces product buildup. Seamless tube creates a positive flange seal without gaskets.
  • Body — Rubber impregnated tire cord and polyester cross-wrapped in bias-ply construction.
  • Cover — Homogeneous layer of chlorobutyl elastomer extends to the outside edge of the flange. Coated with a weather-resistant protectant.
  • Optional Configurations
  • Custom drilling: ANSI, DIN, AWWA, BS, JIS, and special drilling patterns available on request
  • Extended Face-to-Face (pressure/vacuum ratings may be affected)
  • Accomodate misalignment: lateral, angular, and torsional offsets

Note: Pressure and vacuum ratings at neutral FF dimension. Extended face-to-face dimensions result in reduced pressure and vacuum ratings for Style 206 EZ-FLO®expansion joints.

ASTM F1123 Compliant
Navy/Coast Guard Specification 46CFR56.60-25(E)
Canadian Registration Number (CRN) -All provinces
ABS Type Approval
Nuclear - 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR21, and NQA-1 basic
ISO 15540 Fire Sales

> Requires use of fire safe cover


Pulp and Paper
Water/Waste Water
Power Generation

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