Metal Jacketed and Double Jacketed (DJ) Gaskets

Metal Jacketed and Double Jacketed (DJ) Gaskets

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Metal Jacketed Gaskets and Double Jacketed Gaskets (DJ) are an older but proven technology. Metal Jacketed gaskets have an outer metal casing around a soft gasket core. DJ gaskets were originally designed for heat exchangers. Variations have been produced over the years and many different styles exist. For an improved technology over DJ gaskets, please see the Kammprofile Gasket and CHANGE Gasket on the Munaco website or contact Munaco for more information.

  • Metal outer jacket with a resiliant core
  • Over 60" in diameter available
  • For temperatures above 1000F
  • Different construction types offered to maximize resiliency
  • Different materials for a wide range of service needs
  • Standard thicknesses and pass bar designs are available
  • Flexible design allows for pass partitions (pass bars) in heat exchangers
  • Relatively quick turnaround for even the most customized gaskets
  • Low cost solution
  • Soft iron, carbon steel
  • Stainless steels, alloy X750, Inconel® 718, Monel® 400, alloy 20, Hastelloy® C276, alloy 600
  • Nickel, aluminum, brass, copper
  • Center core materials availab;e - compressed fiber gaskets, PTFE, graphite, ceramics, and Thermiculite®
  • From 1/2" OD to over 60" diameters
  • Pass bars from 1/4" wide to 2" wide
  • Single jacketed, double jacketed, french type, solid corrugated
  • Single jacketed with overlap, double jacketed with corrugated metal fillers
  • For tongue and groove flanges with or without a stress riser (nubbin)


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