Style RIR - Windings w/inner ring

Style RIR - Windings w/inner ring

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The Style RIR consists of inner and outer diameters reinforced with plies of metal windings without filler for improved stability, compression, and sealing. Filler material is used between the metal windings. The Style RIR also contains and integral compression limiter (inner ring) on the ID of the part. RIR parts are used with tongue and groove, male and female, or grooved to flat face flange assemblies. Heat Exchanger configurations are also available with a pass-barr/pass partition/or rib.

  • Chevron shaped metal windings provide resiliency
  • Integral compression limiter (inner ring)
  • Operating temperatures up to 1800 F with Thermiculite® filler
  • For moderate to high temperature sealing needs up to 1800 F
  • Custom made in shapes to fit your existing grooves
  • RIR Style gaskets can be made for use with special flange configurations
  • Resiliency with fluctuations in temperature/pressure
  • Low cost solution
  • Custom shapes and sizes can be manufactured
  • Pass bars can be welded to the Inner Ring
  • Wide range of metal winding and filler materials available
  • Windings available in: 304 SS, 316L SS, 321 SS, 347 SS, Inconel® 600, Incoloy® 800/825, Inconel® X-750, Monel®, +++
  • Winding for corrosive environments - Alloy 20, Hasteloy® C-276, Monel® 400
  • Fillers available: Non-Asbestos, Flexite Super®, Flexible Graphite, Flexicarb®, Mica, Ceramic, PTFE, Non-sintered PTFE
  • High temperature Thermiculite® 835 filler now available
  • Standard Style RIR gaskets are 0.175" thick with other thicknesses available
  • Manufactured in accordance to relevent standards to suit the following flange designations: ASME B16.5, DIN, JIS
  • From 1/2" up to 100" in diameter
  • Available in non-round geometries - rectangular, triangular, oval, etc.


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